What about Quality Content? Creating and Featuring Quality Content Writing

The concept of quality content is all over the world wide web which has grown to become the first source to embrace the continuous embodiment of human knowledge. This could be the most important reason behind the web importance and then of course come other reasons that are implied all throughout this blog. So what about quality content, what does it mean, What defines it?, and how to create it?

They say: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room”. So knowledge is never enough and benefits of sharing knowledge are countless. Knowledge helps us grow, motivates us, amazes us with its continuity and rejuvenation, and it creates a sense of purpose to all those seeking it, adding a great meaning to life and our existence.

Let’s agree that first thing first, money is never the objective, it has been always the mean until it become so hard to get and we lost direction. We wasted time seeking money rather than seeking what we have forgotten it existed, contentment, passion, and joy of being!

For some change, try this season to be this guardian, bending some rules in doing something special to someone dear, check great offers around or just give them a spontaneous hug or a sincere call! It’s not about the value, but it is the joy of feeling alive by giving. Our real objectives are very similar to how this feels…

Now, what about quality content or high quality content?

Meaning of Quality Content

As time changes, so does search engines in their assessment to what is considered quality contents in terms of ranking. What once was assessed according to keyword inclusion is now assessed according to what constitute high quality content and which is defined to have a combination of the following elements:

  • Comprehensive

By comprehensive, I mean very thorough in answering inquiries to a given subject or problem. Quality content dives into details of a given subject to explain its particulars and offer readers informative data that can help them understand aspects of an issue so they can find a solution to a certain problem and make a sound decision.

  • Personalized

It has the persona of the writer mirroring throughout the subject and so it reflects a special flair that is exclusive yet passionate in terms of language.

  • Interactional

This means engaging in terms of relevance. It is shareable, not only by personal perspective and inspiration, but by availability of means to enable online social sharing, that’s true! Engagement needs a technical aspect added to it, and by this I mean visual effect of relevant photos and videos.

  • Unique

This is attainable through good knowledge of the subject you are writing about. Of course a good research is needed, but you can NEVER copy paste others’ ideas and thoughts. You have to let your information flow using your own way of writing.

  • An Add-on to the web Knowledge

This is an element I appreciate above all. As I said before, knowledge is never enough, therefore quality content considers the value and the benefits it’s adding to the reader or customer. It is never a repetition when works to act as being a new bead in the chain or body of knowledge

  • Optimized by means of SEO

Now for the technical part, google use certain algorithms to rank contents as quality content. What about quality content for google, and how to optimize for SEO? You have to consider including what is called “KEYWORDS”, that is words that are relevant to your subject and you believe people use in their search to try to find what they are looking for. You have to understand how this optimization work technically and apply it throughout your blog.

Why Content and What about Quality Content?

OK, now if you wonder what it is about content and what about quality content, the first thing for you to understand is the importance of your need to increase audience retention.

Think about it this way, what we have to offer is part of our assets, therefore how we reflect on it is exactly how we make the best of it. So, to cut the story short, quality content has the power to emit a positive experience for your possible customers and this will attract them to come back to you. Over time, reliability of your content should create trust and this will create sustainability for whatever you are offering.

How to create it

To stand out with your contents, here’s some important points to consider while creating your blog and quality content:

  1. Come up with creative and unique IDEAS. Maybe you have to check competitors’ sites or do your research to check what’s popular and then go on and create your own and unique content based on the market need for a particular niche.
  2. Good RESEARCH. Researching the topic means you are well-informed about a particular subject. When you are, you are ready to reflect on it, improve it, discuss it, and maybe adding your knowledge to it.
  3. Adding you OWN DATA. Try your best to add data that you’ve gained based on previous knowledge with the topic, or maybe your very own experience in relation to the topic. This will add your flair and your own fingerprint.
  4. Use media within the blog and add engaging visuals such as relative photos, videos, charts, or screenshots.
  5. Of course, if you include any statistics or referenced conclusions, you can add credibility to your content by adding citation through using google alerts.

We need more of it

Let’s put it very simple! What about quality content? It definitely gives the final decision of rating to people. They interact and rate what matters to them, and by doing so, good things prove their viability and accordingly sustain.

It is a clean competition that offers solutions and benefits to a giant mind to decide what good there is for it and rate it for others to brand it. So, if you have high quality content to display, the online world is yours to prove it!

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21 thoughts on “What about Quality Content? Creating and Featuring Quality Content Writing

  1. Thanks for writing this article on Creating and Featuring Quality Content Writing,i really find this article helpful, is so full of informative and educative with most important aspect of writing a content.i will start writing the first content for my website next week,i will put everything I read in this article in mind in other to come out with a good content. It may not be perfect at first but I know with time I will improve and learn

  2. Thanks for a great read. I must say the slogan, “content is king” was really emphasized in your post. And I certainly agree. People want contents that offer real value to them, not just something they can find anywhere else on the internet. With that said, the competition is getting tight. But then again, it’s not about the money.

    If we write posts that aim to help people find the solution to their problems instead of constantly selling to them products that we ourselves do not even want to use, we are likely to be perceived as scammers who are only after their money. 

    By the way, do you agree with what most bloggers say that we should always write long articles? And where do you usually get ideas on topics to write about?

    1. There is a difference between the blog and the article mainly in the style and length of the piece written. Now a blog can be as short as about 400 words and as long as approximately 1500 words. But the issue that it has become a kind of protocol for google to index and rank a site with blogs of about a 1000 words length.
      I have a degree in business ethics and I have chosen this terrain for it’s so close to my heart. Here’s one value I wish people can learn and see; “If capitalism is to be respected, and so sustain itself for global prosperity, it must be both responsible and moral”…
      Thank you and I appreciate your valuable comment.

  3. Another thing I would add about creating good content is that you really need to have a genuine interest in what you’re writing. If you yourself are not interested in the subject at hand, it will show through your writing. It’ll be forced and ungenuine, and this may become obvious to your readers after a while. The quality of your content really does get better when you genuinely care about what you’re producing. If you care, it becomes so much easier to produce something original and helpful to others. 

  4. Hi R sarl, Your website is not only informative and useful, but it is also truthful and inspiring. Writing good quality content is the key to helping readers understand the subject and helping us to be better writers. I loved the quote about the “smartest person in the room”. So true. Knowledge does do all the things you mentioned and more. But knowledge without uniqueness, without interaction, and without a personality is bland and boring. People don’t like know-it-alls. People want writers who are passionate about what they write about. If you care about your writing, then you will create good quality content. Passion and good content seem to go hand in hand. You do that in your writing. This a very good post. I have added it to my favorite’s list. I want it to remind me of why I am doing this. Well done my friend. Good job, R sarl. Thanks, johnny, the Grey Wolf.

    1. Thank you so much johnny, the Grey Wolf. Your comment came as so dear, please accept my regards and best wishes…

  5. Thank you so much for this information it is absolutely beautiful. I realize my writing content is probably good enough, but I really need to make my pages look prettier and maybe change my font size up a bit as well. I absolutely need to think of adding more pictures. Thank you for your invaluable advice. It will go a long way.

  6. Interesting to read. Yes, I agree Knowledge helps us grow, motivates us, amazes us with its continuity and rejuvenation, and it creates a sense of purpose to all those seeking it, adding a great meaning to life and our existence and money is never the objective, it has been always the mean until it become so hard to get and we lost direction. This is post is a knowledge added to me as I adopt it on my writings, because ambiguity will be dangerous. Let me just put it very simple like this that quality content definitely creates the sense of  final decision of rating to people. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi great article on quality content creating and featuring  quality content writing as i needed the knowledge as a remember because am having a hard time getting index are rank in Google, and creating quality content help to get index and ranks so thanks , keep up the good work 

  8. Tons of value to be found on this post on how to write quality content

    This is a great and simple to follow guide on Featuring Quality Content Writing

    You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me because I have always wanted to improve my content quality. Thanks for the eye opener 

  9. I agree with your post here about quality content. I know most people who set up blogs are trying to make money but they need to realize the main purpose of their site should not be to earn commission but to provide exxellent relevant content to their readers. Writing has always been a passion for me. I’ve kept a journal my entire life so writing to me is one of the joys of my life. I love to teach so blogging was just a next step for me. So I want to make money. Sure I do, but the writing and providing interesting articles is my main purpose. 

    1. Your reply vibrates with positivity and love… We all want to make money for sure but true happiness lies in the pleasure of accomplishment and the exhilaration of creative effort 🙂

  10. Hey there Jeeda,

    Content IS king nowadays. Since we all compete for the audience’s attention, and the attention span is getting smaller and smaller, we all have to find ways to grab it and keep it for as long as possible. So, good, targeted, value-adding content and low targeted keywords are the way. And my two cents. 

    What is your best way to come up with good keywords, in your opinion?



    1. I use the platform for statistics on the keyword but with an idea so clear in mind that relates to the topic. I usually add my country name or any word that relates to a specific culture in hope that people in my region can find it and rely on it. I try my best to make a good research on the topic so I offer reliable information. Best of Luck to all 🙂

  11. Hi! I really like the quote you mentioned: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room”. It highlights and encourages us to constantly seek for knowledge

    Thanks for explaining how quality content plays a major role in Google’s eyes. SEO and keywords are terms I have started to become familiar with. When we’re starting a blog we need to pay attention to the content we create. It’s key! I’ll always bear in mind that reliability of our content definitely builds trust.

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