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It is spring soon, a time of year when a promise is made and a new hope begins. A promise the nature undertakes to bring sunshine again for all gloomy hearts that have been waiting in patience. The month when “Oscar” leaves with confidence, knowing beauty has again prevailed. Time when art leaves a word and new movie reviews fill up spaces everywhere. It’s always a new hope where life and people prepare to immerse in heaps of joy displayed in creativity and colors.

There is nothing like art in bringing about eagerness. And nothing works better than the beauty of art in transforming distress into something else more vibrant and more alive. How amazing is it to watch the great work of many of the talented, those winning an Oscar or not? And then to read the new movie reviews and to agree with them or to ponder in disagreement. It’s all beautiful and full of life. Looking at the magnificence the Academy Award brings about every year, since 1929, carries along a green hope, so similar to the recurring ground around and as much as cheerful to the heart.

It all has come flashing subsequently after watching this particular movie, Oscar nominated for best actress who didn’t have the chance although stunningly performing as the perfect dedicated wife. She is Glenn Close in the movie “The Wife”!

Before going on with the new movie reviews, specifically the woman in “The Wife”, let’s check what is there for March as the month of the national women’s history!

Observances In March

It is the national women’s history month when women are celebrated around the world for being as great as they are. The very month in which people around the world join for health awareness, whether it’s brain injury, liver disease, or Hemophilia and the “March to Health” for raising awareness and spread hands. March is the month where the wildlife, forests, and poetry are celebrated. Also, the month when people around the world observe elimination of racial discrimination and speak out against injustice and enslavement. We celebrate March while great minds; like ever before, extend hands for beautiful hearts who work in silence just because
what really matters is the greatest good.

The woman is half of all that beauty out there. Such as smooth as a feathered wisp drifting through a warm spring air. She is a complete human being who has unfortunately endured and still endures lots of injustice and oppression in so many societies whether protected by law or still isn’t. The woman is the precious daughter of a loving father. She is the dear sister, a brother can have for comfort. She can be the princess a knight has dreamed so long of having to live happily ever after! The woman can be the best friend and of course a mother full of love, sweet endurance, and pride.

But for so many reasons, unluckily she wasn’t what she supposed to be at all times.

Instead, she was a victim of abuse and violence. In so many places around the world, she is disadvantaged and is mostly deprived of various basic rights ranging from full education rights to suffering of gender pay gap. In so many times, a woman found herself plunged into poverty to escape an abuser, and at so other times, she found herself perfectly devoted on the surface to escape an unbearable weakness imposed on her by society.


New Movie Reviews – The Wife

The wife is a movie that shows a paradox of how love can go into different directions. One of the possibilities that create a different story for each long relationship, going on for decades, before deception is no more tolerable.

The wife has sacrificed her own talent and ambitions for the sake of love in a society that taught her women worth nothing more than a man’s property. Her eyes could not see but the charms of a man who meant everything she wants in life. This very starting point of how much we know could result in a marriage built upon uneven sacrifices.

A life wasted in patience for the sake of how little one knows. But when infidelities and excuses are what we find in return, being endured enough and ignored enough, they start to shape our faces into different features and we struggle to accept the new us… We are on the urge, and at one point, sooner or later, we reach our breaking point.

How similar is this story to so many other stories of women in the east, north, west and south? Why do we have to sacrifice dignity in the name of love if we were taught how much is our worth?

One of the conclusions of one the new movie reviews that I’ve read, but didn’t agree with went like: “If we make free decisions to support and remain with a narcissist do we deserve pity for the unhappiness which results?” And how can we when we weren’t given the chance to know?

Women Deserve a Healthy Life

Women of all ages and all races deserve to have a healthy life. This kind of life means full access to education, healthcare, accommodation,  and equal living wage. She has the right to breathe clean air, to drink clean water, to eat clean and healthy food, and of course the right to live a life free of oppression, manipulation, discrimination, and violence.

8 thoughts on “New Movie Reviews – When Women are Involved

  1. It is so daunting to me how some societies have greater respect for mothers over women. Rather than celebrating their womanhood they celebrate the mothers in them!
    I truly enjoyed reading this article. I must say I totally agree to not agree on the review mentioned. Most abused women live in fears that paralyze them from thinking clearly and having the power to leave. It is rarely a choice “to remain with a narcissist”!

  2. Hi Jeeda,
    Great info on each of the movies you’ve mentioned above. It’s a shame to say I haven’t watched any of them, but I’m sure they are interesting movies according to your description.
    I find The Wife more fascinating.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I really like how you have mentioned several movies and spoke about them in details, it provides a good idea of what to expect from the movies

  4. In my free time, I usually watch movies. These days, movies are coming out fast and you need a review to set your viewing priorities right. I will look out for The Wife because it has a story line that would keep my eyes glued to the screen.
    Thank you for this review.

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