Miffy Bunny – Love At First Sight – Where to find it? :)

It was a cold day in November last year when I arrived at Mitland Hotel in Utrecht, the Netherland. I was really exhausted after a long flight and felt really much better when I headed with my two daughters to the lobby terrace to watch an amazing lake. We stood there for a moment listening to the sound of some distant caws of seagulls squawking and making a background symphony to a moment that felt like the eternity of heaven. I remember I made a long sigh and was heading back to reception when my eyes met Miffy’s!

You know how it feels when you are a mother of precious daughters who happen to love kittens and all cute fluffy stuff of life? It was a similar ultimate long-lasting attraction upon the first sight of her 🙂 Never saw a rabbit as cute as miffy bunny and I wanted to know everything about this cute Dutch character who happened to be an uncomplicated and innocent girl who has a positive attitude and is always open to new experiences.

Miffy Bunny is forever a Toddler

Miffy bunny was the creation of the Dutch illustrator and writer Dick Bruna – (born August 23, 1927, Utrecht, Netherlands—died February 16, 2017, Utrecht). Miffy Bunny was born on 1955. It was back in a holiday home in Egmond aan Zee, a village on the North Sea Coast of North Holland. Dick Bruna would tell his eldest son, bedtime stories about a little white bunny, who scurried around the garden of their holiday home, and later this bunny was the inspiration for Miffy to happen and be.

Miffy_and_the _new_babyMiffy Bunny has grown and developed in her appearance and looks throughout the years, but one thing about her never changed, she remained forever young. In “Miffy and the new baby” (2003), Miffy became a big sister and looked like a real little girl bunny 🙂

Miffy was featured in 32 books that were translated into more than 50 languages. It was and still remains to be one of the most children’s beloved character.


Miffy Bunny “The Name”

In Dutch, Miffy is called “Nijntje” which derives from a word meaning “Little bunny”. “Miffy” as a word doesn’t have any particular meaning, but since it was easy to pronounce, it is now used worldwide instead of other names that were used earlier in different countries.

The “X” is for The Little Rabbit nose

Some would probably think that the “x” would represent an old saying – that children were meant to be seen and not heard! Well, this is a bit tough and they are totally mistaken. If you look closely to any rabbit, you will see their nose looking mostly like the letter X, and this is really very cute. To simply draw an X for a nose would bring any baby, and even an adult, to really giggle with joy.

Where to Find Miffy?

You definitely won’t find Miffy scurrying around the garden of your holiday home, or will you?! 😀 To find a Miffy, you will have to look around in specific places, unless you live in the Netherland then you can find it almost everywhere. Let me help you find a Miffy Bunny here. Miffy Bunny can be found in the UK at Miffy Shop and of course can be ordered online as well. It’s available in Denmark as well at the Cplg, in Hong Kong at valueimageplus, in Japan at dickbruna, in Malaysia at clicklicensingas, Russia at
brand4rent, in South Korea at smckorea, and in the US and worldwide on Amazon at ” target=”_blank”> Get it Here!

Mitland Hotel, Utrecht… Keep our sweet memories in your warm trees, running water in your canals, flying birds, and everywhere…♥


7 thoughts on “Miffy Bunny – Love At First Sight – Where to find it? :)

  1. Miffy Bunny is cute as heck and reminds me of a British cartoon called Max and Ruby which no doubt gathers some inspiration from this beloved children’s character. I like that they have created a range of products collectors will love as much as kids. It allows people of all ages to enjoy Miffy.

    1. Oh yes totally agree… Collecting some cute products has this joy to it, and most of the times it’s about the meanings or memories this product may add to what we believe can bring us a bit of happiness :)…

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