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Creating quality online presence means to have the tools and be ready to go online, and then to aim for acknowledgment by everybody for what you have to offer and say.

Just like everywhere else in the world, The Lebanese have taken large steps in developing their influence in blogging outreach and a fast brief of the top on the list will follow down here. But first let’s start by briefing How to create quality online presence and why you need to do so in the first place.

Creating Quality Online Presence
– How and Why?

In a world full of competition and fast breakthroughs in research and technology, it is hard to follow and sum-up a one rule to teach you how to do this. Nevertheless, there are basic steps to follow and come to be creative with, and it needs knowledge with the web, otherwise, the whole process is going be extremely very draining. Well, to start with, you need to have your business goals set very clear. You have to make your quality online presence part of your business strategic plan because your business is part of a world that is evolving in this very direction. What does it take to create quality online presence?

       1. SEO tools to help optimize your website’s ranking

Setting a website that is SEO rich is the first step to consider in order to create a quality online presence for marketing success. What is the need of a beautiful website if you haven’t got a tolerable setting to put it on? The setting is the whole structure the site adorns as an “ornament” by it itself to be able to reach existing and potential customers, and providing them with all information they need.

Well, we can look at any website as an entity by itself that exists to emit a beneficial interaction between any business and its customers. Therefore, it’s very important for any website to be found by search engines. This is only possible by using the right SEO tools which will enable search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) to find your website and list it in their “organic” results. The more your website appears up while people are searching for what they need, the more you are visited, and the more likely you are receiving traffic.

One thing you have to know as well, search engines love new content! SEO is an ongoing process that entails finding new keywords and creating continuing, new, and unique contents. A great source for learning SEO and finding excellent keywords for creating quality online presence is available at Wealthy Affiliate which is a perfect platform designed for affiliate marketers of all level.

2. Be a Real – Socially Engaging Human

It’s very important for your business to have a face and a personality that people would want to know and interact with. Reality imposes more transparency than ever before and people want to get to know your company and what it has to offer for them on a more personal level.

We recommend that you do this, first, by choosing one or two social channels that you feel would work best for your business offerings, and second, to post and engage on, on regular basis. Regularly means to be consistent, and this requires that you be available to post, offer, reply, engage and be part of the conversation. This is the only way for you to increase your following, and to build a fan base that you are willing to strengthen relationship with, based on reliability and trust.

It is important that you exert the right effort and be patient. Your online presence has huge potential to take your business to next level but it takes some time, and you have to be a bit persistent.

Lebanese Blogging – Top on The List

As I mentioned earlier the Lebanese have taken large steps in developing their influence in blogging outreach, and here are 3 top bloggers among hundreds that could take it to next level:

  1. Of course number one goes to “The961 as they lead the way with their idiom being Lebanon’s leading English & fastest growing media site. It could make a fast and great impact with news that matter to all the Lebanese, no matter where they live and what they do for living. “The961” represents a majority of a refined generation that is well-educated. This perception belongs to a Lebanese personality that rises above any prejudice to reflect on an optimistic perspective of a “Lebanon” that is unique and positive.
  2. Number two goes to “Blog Baladi” as it’s apparently growing into a creative and an engaging site that reflects on the Lebanese communal norms. “Blog Baladi” tackles different aspects of life for the Lebanese and it’s on the rise as it beautifully illustrates a real picture of people with all of their joys, hopes, and true concerns.
  3. Number three this year seems to go to Executive Magazine which offers comprehensive and forward thinking analysis of the Lebanese and Middle Eastern economics, finance and policy. They offer as well a regular industry surveys, regional market data, global economic trends, and the latest in science, technology and arts.

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22 thoughts on “Creating Quality Online Presence – Lebanese Blogging

  1. You are very right, It is super important to know how to use SEO and in what way to use it. Posting regularly with posts full of SEO will for sure help you get ranked. You offer some great tips on how to create quality online presence. I am not very informed on the lebanese blogging but I do know that SEO is important, no matter what country you are blogging from.

    Thank you for this informative article.

    1. Yes indeed… I think technology is developing very fast and so is all technical aspects of the web. The right thing to do is to get all the knowledge needed to keep pace.

  2. Hi
    Great job creating your website.
    The background picture is pleasant of beautiful but there is some overlapping of words on the home page. The red text overlaps the the main text.

    In the article “Creating quality online presence” you write about SEO. i would suggest to explain a bit on what SEO is before getting into the topic.

    An other suggestion: add more custumer reviews if possible so there is not only one

    hope me review helps

    best regards

    1. Ah you have to click on Customers for life inside the menu to see the reviews and I’m working to put all that I have soon when I find time. Thanks for your review and I’ll consider all remarks…

  3. Love your Lebanese blogging top sites list. Cool idea to put those Lebanese bloggers in the spotlight.

    My favourite site on the list was Blog Baladi, as they have really interesting content that appeals to me.

    You are so right that it is great to have an SEO presence when it comes to blogging, as in this way people can actually find you and read your posts. I hope to see more training on SEO from you in the future.

  4. Thank you for sharing this post. Firstly, one must maximise the SEO tools in order to land the website on Google’s first page from whatever niche it was set up on.

    To be a successful blogger there is need for worthy, original and quality content as this will award credibility to one’s website. But, I was lagging behind in this area until I joined wealthy Affiliate. Their trainings have helped me immensely coupled with the access to so many coaches and the entire community’s willingness to help. 

  5. Hi, I like your content and the facts you mention about getting traffic and SEO and stuff 🙂

    What I thought I want to mention is, Google likes new content, this is true but today there is so much new content every day that Google, as of what I heard, prefers updated, in-depth content as much.

    I saw this video not long ago made by a guy, I don’t remember the name, about SEO and he said less is often more.

    He advised his customer to trash 4500 of his 5000 articles because they were no longer relevant.

    The SEO specialist said he has only 35 posts on his website but they all rank on the first page and make him more than enough traffic and money.

    I now also try to update my older content and focus on a goal of 5000 words per post. What do you think?

    1. Yes indeed, it’s a world that’s running fast and we try to keep pace. I still believe a 1000 word is ideal when it ensures good use of keywords while offering valuable information.

  6. This is definitely a unique topic, one that I’ve honestly not heard much about, so this post is interesting and informative, well done! I really like the look of your theme and they way you have it set up. How and why are definitely the key questions to present and answer here, and you’ve done a great job getting straight to the point. I particularly like how you mentioned SEO tools and mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, which is a great online community. The references to The961, Blog Baladi and Executive Magazine are also much appreciated as this is the first time I’ve heard of them. I have checked out all of your links, excellent, and encourage all of your readers to do the same. Great work here!

    1. Thank you my dear and I’m really happy to know you liked. I will do my best to come up with new informative topics and I love you all in here ♥

  7. Hi, Friend I have read your entire article very carefully. I am very glad to read your article because SEO is very important for marketing to be successful. Very important for any website found in the search engine. The more your website will appear when people are searching for what they need, the more you are visited, and more likely to receive traffic. It’s very important for your business. I request everyone to do this. Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful article.

  8. Thank you for the thorough information about quality content sharing online. You have summarized the most important factors of being successful as a blogger, like using keywords, the importance of SEO tools and social engagement in our niche. How do you think one can generate traffic to our homepages? Are keywords enough to do so?

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Keywords are the technical aspect of the process of generating traffic, but then there comes the importance of the topic to people and how much it serves what they are searching for. It’s a whole process of giving and taking where sincere engagement comes to validate it and sustain it. 

  9. Quality content creating is a very important task to execute. To drive traffic to your website might be a bit difficult but creating engaging content might a reason why you have a pool of new visitors on your site. Their loyal visitors can also keep in touch. Those websites that are highly ranked on Google search engine can really explain what they passed through within their first two months of opening their site. Everyone has their own stories to tell. this is an interesting review that I love to read.

    1. Yes indeed and I think the knowledge is an ongoing process, so there’s always a new thing to learn everyday ♥

  10. Hello,

    This is a well written article! I am new to blogging and things can become overwhelming easily. You are right. Contents are very important and should be followed through correctly. SEO is loaded with amazing features and can be the key to traffic. You are very much right: Being real is the first step to engaging with your audience and SEO like you said must be presence to be successful in the blogging world! SEO is A+ !

    Keep up the great, job. I’ve leaned a lot.

    Thanks you 

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