Arabian Special Offers and Rewards – Ramadan 2019

It is a great month for meditating and feeling quite generous at the heart, or maybe it’s an entirely psychological feeling that brings about the need to change and to start all over again. Whether it is this or that, Ramadan month is the most precious of all and is observed by Muslims of the world, once every lunar year according to the Islamic Calendar. For Muslims, Ramadan is conceived as the month of fasting, reflection, and community.

As Muslims around the world fast from dawn until sunset during the month of Ramadan, they refrain from food, drink, and any behavior that might be considered sinful while striving to purify themselves and escalate their good deeds.

Statistics show that as Muslims believe their good deeds are multiplied during the month of Ramadan, as they devote themselves to prayers and recitation of Quran, they tend to perform more of charitable deeds than any other month of the year. As this is the case, people tend to be more generous and spend more in return.

Shopping for food doubles and so does shopping for clothes as people prepare for “Eid Al Fitr” holiday, a 3 days festival of breaking the fast and marking the end of Ramadan.

As you see there’s a generosity encompassing our attitude in this holy month, and it brings back to us some Arabian Special Offers and Rewards exclusive for Ramadan 2019. We have gone places to check what’s offering and came back to you with beautiful stuff you can buy with special discounts and Exclusive Coupon Code to use from today and mostly till the end of Ramadan (Unless otherwise stated), which will be June 05, 2019.

Let’s go…

Sivvi – 20% Exclusive Coupon

Among beautiful Arabian Special Offers and Rewards, and whether you are hip and young or looking for more traditional fashions, Sivvi has brought you just what you are looking for in fashion, in accessories, and even as lifestyle gifts. This Ramadan Sivvi has offered us an amazing deal and has added a 20% discount for all items at check out when you use this special Coupon Code AC2.

This Code has a 90 days validity (Around Middle of August, 2019).

LookFantastic – 22% Exclusive Coupon

It is a very easy decision to make when choosing the best makeup and creams to suit your skin and budget when you have all the variety LookFantastic is willing to offer you. Now with the great discount offer available from LookFantastic, the benefits are doubled. Get the 22% off now at check out when you use our exclusive Coupon Code ArabFun and whenever you want to enjoy shopping online for Europe’s #1 premium beauty retailer, and of course the Arabian Special Offers and Rewards.

10% Discount Exclusive Coupon for Faces

An Arabian Special Offer and Reward is presented by the International brand “Faces” at check out using the coupon code AC2 for UAE residents.

Also, from Faces to residents of Saudi Arabic, KSA to use coupon code AC2 at check out whenever they shop online and want to enjoy finding all the makeup products available in one single location!

10% off on iHerb

10% coupon on orders over $100 plus up to 50% discounts on all natural makeup, vitamin supplements and more, all from iherb when using our special coupon code RAMADAN19. iHerb is the #1 choice for natural products including best-selling supplements, herbs, bath & personal care, and many more.

This offer is valid till May 31, 2019

GoSawa 50% offers – Go Lebanon

Enjoy great summer offers all season from GoSawa, Lebanon, to the best in resorts, spas, restaurants, and getaways. Remember to sign up to GoSawa
and register easily to enjoy the Lebanese Special Offers and Rewards.

Ramadan Kareem to All!

Generosity – Give Generously

Giving is an act of generosity.
Giving is sowing a seed.
The seed will produce great harvest of fruits.

So Joy to the World when we give and we’re fair…

6 thoughts on “Arabian Special Offers and Rewards – Ramadan 2019

  1. What a great offer from this Gosawa. Ramadan is indeed a sacred month which everyone is looking out for in the year. It is a month which serve as a cleanser of sins and multiplier of good deed .So everyone want to make use of the holy month wisely. Showing generosity from your side there is really an amazing thing and also an act of ibadah. I have a lot of shopping to do, I’ll gladly use this opportunity to shop Gosawa. Let’s go shopping!!!

    1. I’m happy to hear from you again my dear Stella… Although we are all working here, doing our best, there’s one thing that always create a difference, it’s the genuine love we share with all fellow human beings… Much love ♥

  2. this a a great niche , however translation services are available on google these days but the fact that you provide a personal service is something i myself would opt for . there have been times when google services do get things back to front and it’s very annoying. wishing you well with your site

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